Dua to Get Your Boyfriend Back in 3 Days (100% Effective)

Dua to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Dua to Get Your Boyfriend Back: There are many Muslim girls who want a boyfriend in their lives but cannot have one due to society. Still, society does not appreciate the fact that a Muslim girl is dating someone. This cannot stop the girl from having her own feelings towards a guy? What will a muslin girl do if she loves someone?

If you are someone who loves a guy then perform dua for boyfriend. This is not wrong and no one will ever come to know about it, since you are performing dua this means that Allah is giving you your partner. 

Here is a ritual that you can do if you want your boyfriend to love you madly but you have to follow the correct procedure. Keep in mind that after the ritual kindly say your daily namaz or else the dua will not be effective.


  • First, do your Namaz as you do every day
  • After every 33 times blow it on a portion of edible food, so you are blowing for 3 times
  • Then make sure that your boyfriend eats the food

This is the end of the ritual and if you can do it correctly then your boyfriend will be yours and will love you all the more.

Dua to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Dua to Get Your Boyfriend Back

Dua for boyfriend love back is something many girls do. Maybe a girl has a boyfriend but her boyfriend does not love her the way she deserves to or wants. In front of the world, you might portray that you are happy in your relationship but within you are suffering, because your man is not giving you time or does not listen to you.

If this is your condition then you should tell Allah Miya about him, he is the only one who can help you. No amount of instigation, fighting, or crying will help if you cannot impress the Lord. tell him about the dua for my boyfriend love me, with a pure heart that is full of faith. 

Dua for the boyfriend’s love is another issue that many girls need to fight with. Many girls keep complaining that their boyfriends do not love them and this is due to many reasons. One can be family, maybe the family does not want the two to be together.

So, if this is your situation then do the wazifa, this will get better after it. You will be surprised to see how things are changing and everything is happening just the way you want it to be. You may find this wazifa a tad bit difficult but it is effective, just do it without thinking much. 

  • First, take an egg and a photo of your boyfriend (full-length image from head to toe)
  • Then slowly move the egg on the picture in a clockwise motion
  • Now for the next 3 days, you have to keep fast and the fast should start from a Thursday night
  • Recite this dua now: DUM DUM MAALIKBAABA (name of your partner) LOKAR DO DEEWANAA
  • Finally, you need to bury this egg on the road from where your boyfriend passes each day

Dua to get a friend back

When someone’s lover leaves it hurts the most, this is a situation that no one wants to face, unfortunately, this happens. Life is an unexpected journey, anything can happen at any time, so if you want everything to be in place, keep praying to Allah. If you have decided that you will marry your boyfriend then the journey will be long, so problems can occur anytime.

To face these problems, you need the blessing of Allah. Never ignore Allah Miya for a day, at the end of the day make a point to thank him. Your prayers should have faith and love for the lord then only he will be pleased and give you what you want. 

Still, if you think that nothing is happening then go and talk to the imam, tell him your problems, surrender in front of him. Let him know what is bothering you, he will be able to give you a solution because this is a common problem that many girls face. If he suggests you a ritual, do it, if required ask him twice regarding the procedure so that you make no mistake. 

If you love someone you should have the person to yourself or else life will be meaningless. On the other hand, your partner should equally love you, take care of you and pamper you. If this happens then keep thanking Allah Miya because for his wish these things are happening. By chance, if these do not happen then keep telling Allah, he will fix it for you.

Also, contact our Mufti Sahab and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.


Q: How do you get a broken relationship back?


  1. If you are at fault, accept full responsibility.
  2. Trust your partner.
  3. Be completely transparent.
  4. Consult a Mufti Sahab like our Mufti Sahab.
  5. Treat the person with compassion and caring.

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