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get your love back by dua

Get your love back by dua: There can be many reasons that your partner has left you, maybe he has lost his interest, maybe he is with someone else, maybe there is a fight every day. In short, there can be plenty of reasons for it. Do not sit back and cry and keep thinking about why your partner is not with you. Instead, take help from Allah, so you have to Pray to Him, surrender to Him. Here is the best way to get your love back by dua.

Get Your Love Back by Dua

How to Get Your Love Back by Dua

The word Ibadat comes from an Arabic word that means service. In the Islam religion, Ibadat means to worship. This includes obedience, respect, faith, prayers, fasting, almsgiving, and pilgrimage to Makah and these are the pillars of Islam. So, to get your love back by dua, start believing in Ibadat. Ibadat will help you get back your long-lost love or lover. 

Before incorporating the Dua it is best to do some ibadat and ibadat should be a prayer. Before starting with this prayer, first, clean yourself properly. Take a shower, clean the place where you stay and then start taking blessings from the almighty. If you are a girl or a woman then you need to perform this prayer at home and if you are a boy or a man then visit the mosque and pray. Chashat Namaz is the prayer that you are going to do to get back your love

If you do not want to do the Chashat Namaz, then you can also do the Tahajjud Salaah. In the Islam religion, Tahajjud Salah is very powerful. It helps to fulfill all dreams. If you want to offer Tahajjud Salaah to get back your love then you need to wake up in the middle of the night. After completing the wudu you again need to pray 2 raqat nafils. At the end of the Salah, you again need to recite the dua. 

There are many dua where you can choose anyone to get back your love. My dear friends use this dua. This is from the holy book, the Quran. We all know that whatever is present in the Quran is right and anyone can follow it without any fear. 

Here is the dua that will bring back your lover to you forever: –

Waa Min Ayatihii Ann Khalakaa Lakuminn Anfusii kumm Azwaa Jann Litaskunuu ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Baina Kumm Mawadda Tann Wara Hamtann Inna Fii Zalikaa Laa Ayatinn Likauminn Yata Fakkaroon

Have faith that with the help of ibadat you will get back your love or lover. Suppose you feel that you are suffering in love or there is a curse that is not allowing you to get your love then get rid of it with the help of Ibadat. Never think that Allah wants you to be in trouble. If there is any problem going on believe that something better is coming up. Every person faces something or the other, there will be problems in love life, so do not compare your life with anyone. 

Get your love back by wazifa

In the Islamic term ‘Wazifa’ means to recite some phrases or verses to wish for something. One can do wazifa for anything, young people do it to get their love. Suppose you have a breakup and you want your partner back then take the help of Wazifa. This is also a powerful tool to get back your lover. Performing a wazifa is very easy. It is no big deal to perform, anyone can do it for their love. 

When you love someone your feelings and emotions grow stronger for that person as days go by. God forbid, if you lose him or her due to any reason then life becomes difficult to live. Every day will turn difficult to leave without that person by your side. If this kind of situation arises then Wazifa will help you to get back your love. 

Read the next points below then you will understand how to do Wazifa: –

  • You should always start with wazifa on a hijri month, new moon Thursday.
  • In between the optional and obligatory prayers that you do in the morning perform the wazifa. 
  • While performing the wazifa keep imagining your lover.
  • Recite the durrod shareef for 10 times.
  • Then recite the surah ta’ha verses for 39 to 40 times continuously. You need to do this for 11 days without skipping a day.
  • Then end the session by reciting the durood shareef again for 10 times.

Hopefully, you got a rough idea of what you need to do to get back your lover. Instead of sitting and crying, start with the duas right now. This is your life; you need to do everything to make it beautiful. Remember one thing that you have only one life to live, so live it with love. 

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